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  • Vantage Mobility International

    Vantage Mobility International Website

    Client Since: 2011

    Moodle, Web Customaization, Training Consultation, Hosting

    Solution: As a major player in the Minivan Conversion Industry, Vantage Mobility International finds training dealership sales and technical staff a very critical component to increasing orders. The van conversion is a specialty niche and requires a deep understanding of the types of conversions and vehicles available. To that end, VMI needed a robust training site to provide for online courses such as New Hire Orientation and courses specific to each type of model and brand. Tracking testing was also another requirement. Sepio built and hosts a customized Moodle Training Site for VMI. The site is used to provide training and testing to hundreds of staff at dealerships throughout North America saving VMI on expensive travel costs


  • InSwift Incorporated

    SeeIT Website

    Client Since: 2011

    Power Gadgets, SQL, Metric Calculations

    Solution: Every business owner talks about the ‘pulse’ of their business. Their daily challenge is to know what is happening in real-time so they can make good qualified decisions to lead the company in the right direction. Sepio created an application called SeeIT to tap into the very information every business owner and manager needs in real-time to give them this critical information. SeeIT pulls data from many different sources to present the elements in a useful fashion. Thus creating a group of KPI (Key Performance Indicators) data to the screen. SeeIT can be used for financial as well as performance data. Also, configured to a personal screen for one user or setup on a shared big screen for many to see. At the end of the day – the numbers are what matter – why not know them in a glance!

  • Human Capital Strategies

    HCSCANDO Website

    Client Since: 2011

    Web Freedom, HTML, CSS

    Solution: Human Capital Strategies helps businesses manage their Human Resource needs. Their primary objective is to help business owners save money with knowledge and useful resources for managing the maze of employment. Communication to prospects and clients is critical to HCS and their success. With Web Freedom they are able to communicate their message directly and simply. Also, the continual updates and content management system Web Freedom provides has allowed them to keep the information on their website up-to-date and fresh every day increasing their value proposition to clients and prospects.

  • Client Since: 2003

    Web Freedom, HTML, CSS,

    Solution: CFO Financial had a very basic website in the past. The site was outdated and did not deliver a clear message about the services CFO Financial provides to potential clients. With Web Freedom, a fresh Web 2.0 website was created for CFO Financial including the latest Web Marketing features such as a public document page, Blog, SEO Keywords and Social networking connections. With those new tools in place CFO Financial not only has a professional web presence but is now converting more visitors to clients than ever before.

  • MedRelay Inc.

    MedRelay Website

    Client Since: 2006

    Workflow Automation, SQL, C#, Cloud Hosting

    Solution: Exchanging data securely with organizations outside your medical practice can present many challenges. With new HIPAA regulations – Providers must insure the data they send to outside vendors, partners and other practices is kept secure and encrypted. Sepio Systems built MedRelay to solve this problem. MedRelay provides a secure web-based file transfer portal to allow for the exchange of encrypted data. Backed by roles-based permissions and 128-bit Secure Socket Layer technology, MedRelay handles the transfer process from end-to-end with ease. MedRelay is fully HIPAA compliant and very user friendly. Check it out.

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